John Wheeler: The interesting seasons have started

As the weather gets colder, changes happen more frequently and are more noticeable.

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FARGO — Our northern climate is volatile and highly changeable relative to much of the inhabited world, but in summertime the changes are less frequent and less jarring. The occasional thunderstorm causes occasional excitement, but soon after, the weather in summer always returns to something more or less the same as it was. There is a steady greenness to summer. Plants grow, but slowly. Some produce fruit or vegetables, but they do so subtly. Now, as the weather gets colder, it also becomes more variable. Changes happen more frequently and are more noticeable.

And it is more than just the weather; our entire environment goes through regular changes. Fall brings frost that sends many plants into dormancy or death. Trees change color and then lose their leaves altogether. Snow comes and melts and comes again. Wind makes drifts and then the wind changes and the drifts move. The time of our summer slumber has ended. Wake up! Things are about to get interesting!

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John Wheeler is Chief Meteorologist for WDAY, a position he has had since May of 1985. Wheeler grew up in the South, in Louisiana and Alabama, and cites his family's move to the Midwest as important to developing his fascination with weather and climate. Wheeler lived in Wisconsin and Iowa as a teenager. He attended Iowa State University and achieved a B.S. degree in Meteorology in 1984. Wheeler worked about a year at WOI-TV in central Iowa before moving to Fargo and WDAY..
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