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Trisha Taurinskas

Trisha Taurinskas

Enterprise crime reporter

Trisha Taurinskas is an enterprise crime reporter for Forum Communications Co., specializing in stories related to missing persons and unsolved crime. Her work is primarily featured on The Vault.

Trisha can be reached at

A key piece of evidence in this case stemmed from the discovery of Pamela Dunn's engagement ring.
When a person goes missing, law enforcement is often stuck in a problematic position. Without a body, it can be difficult to prove a crime existed. That means justice, however obvious it may seem, is often not achieved. For the 2001 missing persons case of Pamela Dunn, that’s not exactly the story.
As for who is responsible for the disappearances of Diede and Anderson, a listener would have to tune in and, ultimately, decide for themselves. With all 11 episodes now out, this season of the true-crime investigative podcast Dakota Spotlight is fully available to binge-listen.
As viewers rush to binge-watch 'Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes' Netflix’s latest true crime series on John Wayne Gacy, Minnesotans are reminded that two of the Killer Clown’s victims called Minnesota home.
A family of boaters discovered the baby on Sept. 5, 2011. While they believed they were picking trash from the water, they discovered a baby wrapped inside a tote bag.
On May 17, 1981, Karla Jo Nieland was found dead inside a vehicle belonging to her boyfriend, John Keep. Authorities arrested Keep and charged him with second- and third-degree murder — one year later, a jury found him not guilty. The case remains open.
On July 10, 2018, roughly one month after Wendy Khan went missing, Mohammad Chughtai sold his home on the 100 block of West Ninth Street in Mankato. So where is he now? And what's his criminal record?
Mankato Department of Public Safety has an open investigation into the disappearance of Wendy Khan, which has included many leads throughout the years. However, without evidence of foul play, the case is not classified as criminal.
Investigators continue to monitor advances in DNA technology — including the expansion of DNA databases — in the hopes of revealed answers. Yet by all accounts, the case has gone cold, leaving Anita Knutson’s family and friends in a perpetual state of disbelief and uncertainty.
In the months and years leading up to her daughter’s disappearance, Mary Schabot watched Rachel Cyriacks struggle through the realities of an abusive relationship — the ups and downs and the unsuccessful attempts by loved ones to help her get out.