Editor's note: This podcast deals, in part, with a violent crime. Listener discretion is advised.

This gripping podcast looks back at the 1976 bank robbery and heartbreaking murder in the tiny town of Zeeland N.D., remembering the victims, visiting the family and community that loved them, and searching for the answer to a profound question: "Why?"

Listen to all seven episodes of season two below. Learn more about this podcast and its creator, James Wolner, on the Dakota Spotlight website.

Episode 7 - Crossing the Street

Episode 6 - Flip a Coin

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Episode 5 - Caramel Rolls

Episode 4 - 'Pink Slip'

Episode 3 - 'Z is for Zick'

Episode 2 - No Banker Tomorrow

Episode 1 - A Deed Without a Name

Currently a resident of ND, "Dakota Spotlight" creator and host James Wolner has previously lived in California and Colorado as well as in the country of Sweden where he resided for more than 20 years. An IT professional by day, James is as fascinated with mysteries and the unsolved as he is with storytelling and the human condition. When he's not working or podcasting, you might find James traveling, reading, cooking, writing or watching high school basketball.