Head coach: Tim Prosen

Assistant coaches: Isaac Boedigheimer, Tim Anderson, Dan Jago, Harry Cottrell, Edward Martin, Arne Maijala, Erik Hanson, Thomas Udenberg

Returning athletes:

  • Boys: Seniors Ben Bauer, Logan Dushkin, Dylan Heehn, Adam Schneider, Paddy Genereau, Trevor Lund, Scott Strukel, Cody Tibbetts, Nathan Blatchford, Alex Despot, A.J. Maijala, Josh Sanders
  • Girls: Katelyn Kelley, Brenna Mattson, Gracie Meaguer, Lauren Sertich

New faces to watch: Sam Brenner

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First meet: April 13 at home vs. Duluth Marshall and Proctor

Team strengths: "We should be solid on both boys and girls despite losing a season," coach Tim Prosen said. "We have had good practices so far during spring break and I am happy with the turnout starting our season during a break. With a lot of new faces, we hope to keep building here despite the setback of our 2020 season. We have a positive attitude and it is really good to see our team back together. We have a fantastic coaching staff that are all great people and also really good at coaching track, but more importantly, great people."

Biggest challenge: "Like all schools, our field events need to be built upon," Prosen said. "I feel we have some good student-athletes in place but the lack of a season last year will set us back in these technique-heavy events. Regardless, we are all in the same boat on this and every spring sport in Minnesota is fighting the same battles."