Head coach: Anna George

Assistant coaches: John Peterson

Returning starters: Brooke Kent, Jenna Johnson, Janae Sjodin, Francesca Klimek, Anne Mattson

New faces to watch: Hannah Pearthree, Lacy Lekander, Liberty Bilges

First game: April 8 at Floodwood

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Team strengths: The team has a great bond and is very "close-knit," according to coach Anna George.

Biggest challenge: "Being a small school, we have small numbers and a lot of them end up playing both junior varsity and varsity," George said.

Coach's assessment

"I usually tell them to make short-term goals for themselves and we make them as a team, as well as long-term goals," George said. "We choose one thing during that game that we want to work on and then take that to practice the next day. Little but little, you meet those goals. Winning is fun, but it's not everything. Growth is really important and just showing them the growth they do make is really fun."