Conservation Officer Jacob Willis (Brookston) continued to see heavy outdoor activity and fielded many phone calls related to regulations. A trespass complaint resulted in multiple citations for trapping violations. Willis took enforcement action for ATV-registration issues, taking fish where permanently prohibited, possessing a spear where prohibited and for operating an OHM on the road right of way.

CO Scott Staples (Carlton) spent time following up on litter complaints and checking angling activity in the area. One resident of Wisconsin was found angling with a resident Minnesota license. After receiving a citation, the angler decided to go out and purchase the proper non-resident license so she could continue fishing. He investigated a waters complaint where work was being done in an area lake. The current work done was found to be legal and did not need a permit. Dog training continues with K9 Schody and other new K9s.

CO Jeff Humphrey (Cromwell) worked fire, fishing, turkey hunting, and OHV enforcement throughout the week. Humphrey patrolled the Fond du Lac State Forest during spring road and trail closures. Humphrey also spent time working in area state parks, wildlife management areas and public water accesses. He made contacts for driving after revocation, litter, boating, OHV operation and registration violations.

CO Dustie Speldrich (Willow River) investigated several possible public waters/Wetland Conservation Act violations on Sturgeon Lake. ATV use in the area of the Nemadji State Forest continued over the weekend. She took reports of ATVs operating in the state forest at night with high-powered lighting. She also responded to a complaint of turkey hunting in a state park. The hunter was located. After a short interview, it was determined the hunter believed he was in the state forest as his hunting app was less than helpful. Hunters are responsible for knowing where they’re at, so make sure to double-check your hunting locations.

CO Andy Schmidt (Duluth West) spent much of the past week working the North Shore for shore anglers. Smelting activity was extremely high all week and smelt were cooperating for the most part. Time was spent in Jay Cooke State Park along with popular inland shore-angling locations. He handled ATV complaints and nuisance animal-related calls.