Conservation Officer Jeff Humphrey (Cromwell) worked spring forest closures and fire enforcement during the week. Time was also spent checking a few late-season ice anglers. Humphrey received calls on dumped deer carcasses, ATV registration and safety training classes.

He assisted 1854 Authority officers with equipment. Seasonal station equipment maintenance and changeover were completed. Watercraft were prepped for possible emergency flood deployment.

Violations for the week included operating a motor vehicle on a closed forest road and possession of drugs.

CO Jacob Willis (Brookston) spent a large portion of the week dealing with people's litter and parts of shelters they left on the ice. Citations were issued for litter and shelters on the ice after deadline.

ATV activity is increasing and already there is an almost 100 percent violation rate for registration display issues. Please review the requirements for your ATV registration prior to heading out to ride.

CO Andy Schmidt (Duluth West) spent much of the week following up on fish house issues and litter left on area lakes. ATV complaints and trail violations were handled. Lake Superior shore anglers and river anglers were checked as most rivers are open and flowing.

Dumping complaints were also investigated and citations were issued for litter.

CO Amber Ladd (McGregor) spoke with students at Central Lakes College who are pursuing careers in natural resources. She fielded calls about dogs chasing deer, trespassing and questions about ATV safety classes. She checked a few late-ice anglers but most lakes were difficult for travel, which kept most anglers away.

Water Resource Enforcement Officer Mike Scott (Northeast) worked with the local government and Soil and Water Conservation District in Carlton County on a WCA case extension for an ongoing case. He issued a restoration order extension.

A deed restriction was recorded on the property of another WCA case when it was learned that the property was up for sale. Scott checked spring beaver trappers and anglers on area lakes.

He assisted the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office with a physical domestic and took a report of ATVs operating in areas closed to ATVs in a state forest in Pine City.