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Topwater, underwater drones have come to fishing

You knew it had to come sooner or later: Drone technology has infiltrated fishing.

A Missouri company has developed a fishing system with a modular rod and reel and a tiny drone boat. Instead of casting, the drone carries the lure over the water and out to where you want it and drops it off. The drone can then be unhooked from the lure and returned to the angler who then reels-in the lure.

It's called RoboRod. The rod looks a little odd compared to traditional tackle — the drone controls are built-in to the rod that also has a built-in reel.

"It's probably the biggest development in the fishing rod since the addition of the reel,'' said Paul Leslie, the company's chief development officer.

The suggested retail price is $159 for the basic unit. A more expensive model has a depth finder and temperature sensor built into the drone.

If you want even more technology, the PowerRay is a full-fledged submarine drone that can power down to depths of 100 feet and transmit live images and other data back to the angler from up to a football field away.