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4 Eskomos in Boston

Bryan Lindquist (in blue), a 2008 Esko graduate and a 2012 Winona State alumnus, competed in the Boston Marathon on April 16. Photo submitted1 / 2
Jackson Lindquist was one of four former Esko athletes who competed in the Boston Marathon on April 16. He finished 77th overall. Photo submitted2 / 2

Esko was well-represented at the Boston Marathon on April 16 as four former Eskomo athletes ran in the oldest marathon in the world.

Brothers Bryan and Jackson Lindquist, along with Adam Eskuri and Kate Eskuri, represented the area. All performed well, with Jackson finishing in the top 100 in the massive field.

Bryan, a 2008 Esko graduate and a 2012 Winona State graduate, has been battling injuries, but he still managed to have a strong race.

"I had an Achilles injury in January and February and did a lot of biking," Bryan said.

Meanwhile, Jackson had a stunning race by finishing 77th overall and 72nd in his age group.

"The conditions were extremely harsh throughout most of the race" he said. "The temperatures were in the mid-30s and it was windy and rainy the entire time.

"However, the crowd and the volunteers there were incredible and they were out supporting the runners even with the harsh conditions," Jackson said.

The tough conditions were not the only obstacle the Lindquists had to overcome, as just getting to Boston proved to be equally difficult.

"It was quite an adventure to get to Boston because we were stuck in the Minneapolis airport for 30 hours due to the blizzard the Twin Cities had," Bryan said. "We ended up sleeping at the airport and finally made it to Boston on Sunday at about 5 p.m. and picked up our race packets at the last second and got some dinner."

The difficult trek to Boston included four canceled flights, nine different boarding passes and a total of 34 hours in the airport.

"We were intending on leaving the airport at 6 a.m.," Jackson said. "Just getting to Boston was a crazy experience."

Once the marathon began, the brothers found themselves in difficult weather conditions.

"It was pretty brutal with headwinds the whole race up to 30 mph," Bryan said. "The weather was 35 to 40 degrees and there were downpours during the race. The last 5 miles were pretty brutal and I got very cold."

A total of 26,948 runners toed the starting line April 16. That makes the 77th overall finish by Jackson all the more impressive. Amazingly, he had only run one previous marathon: the Rochester (Minn.) Med City Marathon in in May. He won the race in 2:34.24.

Even though the conditions at Boston were horrible, Jackson finished in 2:36.42.

"I put in a ton of time training for Boston," he said. "Many days, I was up at 5 a.m. before I went to school to teach, or I was out running in the dark after school. Training for Boston is very difficult in Minnesota because of the short days and the cold and snow."

Jackson, now living in Buffalo, Minn., is a teacher at Delano Elementary School and coaches cross-country and track at Delano High School.

"I probably won't run any more full marathons, but I think I am going to do the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon," Jackson said. "I have been doing that half-marathon every year since I was 11."

Bryan, who was battling the injury bug going into Boston, now lives in Rochester, Minn., where he works as a nurse at Mayo Clinic. He qualified for Boston through the Wausau (Wis.) Marathon. Bryan finished 634th overall at Boston and 558th in his age division.

"I was a little disappointed on how I finished the race," Bryan said. "Overall, considering the weather conditions, I can't complain too much with how things went."

How impressive was Jackson's run? Of the 26,948 runners who started the race, 26,871 finished after him.

Adam Eskuri finished 970th overall and Kate Eskuri was 3,410th in her age division.

All four of the Esko runners ran in the 20-35 age division, which is by far the most competitive age division in all of road racing.