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9-year-old from Cloquet, Minn., scores hole-in-one at local country club

Zebulon "Zeb" Wehr, 9, of Cloquet poses at the 120-yard No. 4 hole at the Cloquet Country Club, where he hit a hole-in-one on Friday. (Photo courtesy of Jared Wehr)

Zebulon Wehr of Cloquet has been playing golf for only four years, but he already can cross one big item off the sport's list of accomplishments.

He notched a hole-in-one Friday at the Cloquet Country Club.

Odds are good that it won't be his last.

Wehr is only 9 years old.

Golfing with his dad, Jared, in a weekend parent-child tourney, Wehr aced the 120-yard No. 4 hole with a 3-wood.

Jared said his son's shot landed in front of the green, hopped twice and rolled into the hole.

"I couldn't believe it," Zeb said. "I was jumping up and down, and my dad was laughing."

"It was awesome to see," Jared said. "After he saw that it was in the hole, he turned around and said, 'Is that a good shot, dad?'"

Jared said he checked with a few senior members of the Cloquet Country Club, and none of them could recall a younger member having a hole-in-one.

Besides golf, Zeb also enjoys wrestling and football.