DNR Report: Multiple wetland violations reported

Conservation Officer Scott Staples (Carlton) followed up on a wetland violation with the local zoning office.

A call of a dead swan was looked into. It was determined that the swan flew into some power lines and died as a result.

Assistance was given to a local agency in searching for a suicidal male who fled into the woods. K9 Schody was deployed and started searching. The search was stopped early when it was found that the male had gotten a ride to a local bar where he was found unharmed.

Contacts were made with various decorative tree and bough haulers, where enforcement action was taken for traffic violations.

Information on trespassing and baited stands has been coming in.


CO Jacob Willis (Brookston) reports lots of activity in the station with preparation for the upcoming firearms deer season. Multiple calls about different property disputes were fielded, and an unlawfully taken deer was investigated in Alborn. Ongoing complaints continue to be worked as well.

CO Andy Schmidt (Duluth West) worked archery deer hunters and small-game hunters most of the past week. Most of the lakes are starting to freeze, limiting waterfowl hunters.

ATV activity was also worked and winterization of boats was handled.

CO Amber Ladd (McGregor) and COC Mikeena Mattson worked ATV, small-game hunting, big-game hunting and trapping activity. Numerous complaints were investigated, including a wetland violation.

Enforcement action was taken this past week for illegal ATV operation within the road right of way, unregistered ATV, failure to transfer ATV ownership and ATV operation/wetlands violation.

CO Dustie Speldrich (Willow River) responded to a wetland complaint that ended up not being a violation. She checked wetland management areas for stands left out overnight. Speldrich answered calls regarding hunting multiple permit areas, shining, when to tag harvested deer and hunting on public lands. Local state forests were patrolled for ATV activity and small-game hunters.

A call of a car-killed wolf was handled and multiple deer-possession permits were issued.

With the firearms deer season beginning this weekend, make sure to sight in your rifles before the five-day window or take them to a permitted gun range.

Katie Rohman has served as the managing editor of the Duluth News Tribune since 2019. She started with Duluth Media Group in 2017 as regional editor of the Superior Telegram, Pine Journal, Lake County News-Chronicle, Eastern Observer and Western Weekly. She has worked in newspapers around the Midwest since 2004.
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