Conservation Officer Scott Staples (Carlton) worked fishing activity and also conducted extra patrols in area state parks after a report of a vehicle break-in. Enforcement action was taken for no vehicle permit, angling in a closed area and minor traffic violations. Extra training was conducted with K9 Schody as well as a visit to the vet for an annual checkup.

CO Jeff Humphrey (Cromwell) spent most of this week in Washington, D.C. as part of the Enforcement Division Honor Guard detail.

CO Jacob Willis (Brookston) spent most of this week in Washington, D.C. as part of the Division's Honor Guard detail. Willis stood guard for a shift at the National Law Enforcement Memorial, attended the candlelight vigil on the National Mall, and stood as part of the Honor Guard contingent for the memorial service at the U.S. Capitol. Phone calls and email questions were fielded as well.

CO Andy Schmidt (Duluth West) spent the entire week in Alabama for training. Phone calls regarding smelting and use of seines were answered and a complaint of a boat that washed up on shore on Island Lake was handled.

CO Dustie Speldrich (Willow River) attended the Law Enforcement Memorial in St. Paul. She took calls of incidental otters and possible wetland violations. Questions were answered regarding youth passengers on ATVs and trespassing.