Cloquet pole vaulters will soon have a weatherproof place to practice after the School Board approved a plan to install a pole vault box in the school gym during its meeting Monday, Dec. 10.

The district will contract with Four Star Construction in Superior to build the pit in the Cloquet High School gym for $3,500.

The company will remove the gym floor and cut the concrete below to install the pole vault box. It will then create a cover out of the wood flooring removed so the gym floor can still be used normally when the pole vault pit is not in use.

Cloquet Principal Steve Battaglia said the box will be installed on the area covered by bleachers during the game. The cover will also be sanded and a polyurethane coat added by Cloquet staff to ensure the spot is not a tripping hazard.

Often in the spring, track season is seriously delayed because of melting snow and rain. While other track athletes can practice inside relatively easily, many pole vaulters are left out because of the difficulty practicing without a proper box to use indoors.

School Board member James Crowley, a former pole vaulter, said he supports the move wholeheartedly and recalled a time when he was practicing inside without a proper box and could have been seriously injured. Crowley said he was practicing and began to fall. The only reason he wasn't severely hurt was because a coach stepped in and caught him before he hit the hard floor.