Anglers who want to support Minnesota's walleye stocking program can do so by simply purchasing a walleye stamp - this year's stamp was created by Cloquet artist Stuart Nelson - wherever Minnesota fishing licenses are sold. Nelson painted a walleye about to strike a leech and jig.

A walleye stamp validation costs $5. For $2 more, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will mail the actual stamp to anglers as a collector's item.

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More than 32,000 anglers bought the stamp in 2010. Stamp sale proceeds were used to purchase 200,000 walleye fingerlings from the private sector for stocking and improve an important walleye rearing pond.

"When you purchase a stamp, your voluntary contribution goes into a dedicated account for walleye stocking," said C.B. Bylander, outreach section chief for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. "The account is used to support the state's rearing and transportation of walleye and the purchase of walleye from certified private producers."

Legendary walleye angler Al Lindner is helping the DNR promote the 2011 walleye stamp, reminding anglers, "Hook a Minnesota walleye stamp. It's a great catch!"

A walleye stamp is not required to fish for or keep


"It's never too late to snag a walleye stamp," Bylander said. "They are available year-round and can be purchased days, weeks or even months after you've bought your fishing