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A warmup is coming in June, but conflicting forces make it impossible to predict whether the summer will be hot and dry or hot and wet.
Essentia Health in Fargo is among the first to use a robotic endoscopy apparatus that allows low-risk access to hard-to-reach lung nodules in early development.
Infectious disease specialists say individual health status and vaccination history are important considerations in whether and when to get a second booster dose.
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A site near Bowman, North Dakota, has fossils revealing the last moments of the dinosaurs, wiped out millions of years ago. More findings from the site will be coming out.
North Dakota is slightly above the national average in the number of people taking mental health prescriptions, and has seen a sharp rise during the pandemic. Minnesota and South Dakota are closely behind North Dakota.
Vaccines to protect against COVID-19 are highly effective — more effective than many common drugs — yet a very small number of infections break through and, in very rare cases, result in deaths.
It’s been said that a newspaper is a community in conversation with itself. Reporting is the ultimate conversation starter.
Retailers and restaurateurs are adapting to survive during the ongoing pandemic. Stores offer personal shopping appointments, curbside pickup and beefed-up online shopping. Restaurants are turning to takeout and, in a few cases, outdoor dining options including "igloos."
The merger between Sanford Health and Intermountain Healthcare, if completed, would form the nation's sixth or seventh largest health system, with 89,000 employees, 70 hospitals, 435 clinics and 336 senior care facilities.
The Sioux Falls-based health system’s aid effort, dubbed the Sanford Family Stability Plan, mainly targets hourly employees.