Letter: The regional impact of Line 3

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As a taxpayer, lifelong resident of Minnesota and a 30-year employee of Enbridge, I support the replacement of the Line 3 pipeline, and not simply because I work for the company.

If you had a piece of equipment that was going to cost you a fixed amount to maintain on an annual basis, would you invest in that or look at replacing it with a safer, modern, more advanced alternative that will work better and last longer? This is what you would expect a responsible business owner to consider.

Discussion around Line 3 has focused on Minnesota’s need for petroleum products. We should also consider the financial impact of the crude oil refined at the Husky Superior Refinery and then distributed to Minnesota and the broader region. Not only does oil refined in Superior provide most of the gasoline and diesel used in northern Minnesota, it is also a very large supplier of asphalt that is used to replace and repair our interstates, as well as state, county and city streets and roads.

Line 3 is a $2.6 billion private investment in Minnesota and its communities. More than 4,000 primarily local union members will go to work in family sustaining construction jobs. Communities along the right of way will benefit immediately from millions of dollars in construction spending, as well as the continuous boost in tax revenues and daily business needs that occur along an active right of way, which is critically important given that northern Minnesota has fallen on tough economic times.

Simply put, this is the safest and best option for protecting our environment and communities while delivering the energy we need.


Tom Peterson,


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