Letter: School survey 'disturbing'


Word is the Wrenshall/Carlton survey is out. I don't know all that is in it, but what I know is disturbing. The worst is people who don't live in the district can fill out this survey* (this is, vote).

Think about it. The school staff and Duluthians who don't live here can "vote" on what us who live here pay. If you live in Duluth, wouldn't you like your kid to have two gyms, a swimming pool, auditorium, etc. and have us pay for it?

Is there any mention of the $9.3 million levy that the Wrenshall School Board voted on that gave us quite a jolt on our taxes?

The Wrenshall School Board wants a question on the survey on how much extra we would approve. Huh? Is this a back-door way to vote on another referendum? If this is true, why is it on there?


How many staff and Duluthians are we talking about? How will it affect the survey (vote)?

Residents, go to the meetings and ask the questions.

Editor's note: School staff and parents of students who are open-enrolled in the Carlton and Wrenshall districts will be surveyed.

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