Letter: Let the school board members do their jobs

A second meeting between the Wrenshall School Board and Carlton School Board regarding consolidation discussions was held.

I have been attending these meetings, board meetings, etc., as have others, for years now. For the record, I can think of at least 3,000 other things I would rather do. Yet, we show up anyway in some kind of masochistic sense of duty.

I hear comments from some folks like, “Why does Wrenshall always have to get what they want? It is always what they want!” This resentment comes in reference to a high school in Wrenshall and an elementary in Carlton. Good question!

After all, Wrenshall said they MUST have a school presence in Wrenshall. Why would they “greedily” ask for such a thing? Why this must be?

When it comes to the distribution of governmental offices and associated public resources such as courthouses, jails and county garages, Wrenshall has none of these. Carlton has them all. Carlton has an old high school that the board was willing to demolish only two years ago in a failed referendum attempt.


Wrenshall has invested in their water tower and other public infrastructure. They just finished paying off a bond for their last school upgrade. Could it be that they legitimately need the critical mass of a high school to support their infrastructure? Maybe I am wrong about this?

As for those who would like the topic of consolidation to go to a public vote, sure, go ahead and do that. I know what the outcome will be.

OR, you could have your elected officials do what they were elected to do. That is, look at the numbers and make intelligent, unemotional decisions on behalf of their constituents. I think that is called something like “representative government?"

It’s going to be OK. You can do it! Go Raptors!

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