Dear editor:

Recently, a law was passed in St. Paul that has seriously degraded the secrecy of our vote in Minnesota.

In 2016, the precinct caucuses were overwhelmed by the numbers of people wishing to cast their ballot and many were unable to do so before time ran out. Because of this, the Legislature wanted to fix things so they came up with a primary election, which will be for only the presidential candidates. The political parties demanded the voter lists or they would not include Minnesota delegates at the national convention.

Many of our public officials were against the loss of the secret ballot. The final bill allows the election judges, the county and state employees and the political parties to know your personal info, Social Security number and which political party was your choice. Where’s the secrecy in that?

In order to vote at the presidential primary, we will have to specify which ballot we wish to vote. According to a member of Secretary of State Simon’s staff, this issue was highly publicized and public hearings held. Although my husband and I watch a Twin Cities television news outlet, neither of us ever heard a thing about this, nor has one soul with whom I've spoken heard of it.

Phone, television, mail, radio and electronic ads have made our lives miserable in recent years. Can you imagine how awful it will be when the parties target us because they know how we voted?