I have just read the comments from the Sept. 23 Cloquet School Board meeting, when board members were confronted by a taxpayer asking why we in the Cloquet School District are paying 2 1/2 times and more than surrounding Carlton County school districts ("Cloquet School Board sets preliminary levy," Sept. 26 Pine Journal).

The School Board Chair Ted Lammi's response was: "I ask them (the auditors) if education in Cloquet is a bargain and they say, ‘Yes it is.’ Compared with what we get toward what we spend."

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As a 71-year-old, retired, lifelong resident of Cloquet and a graduate of its school system, I can't recall being taught that paying 2 1/2 times or more for a product or service is a "bargain."

I'm terribly confused. Are there adult education classes being offered at our new middle school explaining what a "bargain" is and will we be charged to attend?

If our school district is such a "bargain," when can we expect our new school superintendent and his family to move to Cloquet? If he has, why are the taxpayers paying him to do so?