Recently, a teacher at Wrenshall School wrote an op-ed ("Understand root causes of gun violence, enact gun reform," by Ted Conover, Aug. 11 Duluth News Tribune) demanding any and all forms of gun control. He included the insidious gun registry in which we law-abiding Americans will be forced to give the government a list of our guns along with our names and addresses.

Does anyone else see the danger of a government that has a list of all Americans who have a gun?

Will a teacher with these views let it into his or her teaching of our kids? If you think this teacher has overstepped his bounds, let the school board know.

My questions are: If I, as a 77-year-old DAV, retired, active in my church and community, refuse to register with the government or turn in my guns that I use for hunting and protection, will I be arrested and imprisoned? Will my gun-owning wife, mother and grandmother be arrested and imprisoned?