I want to thank the majority of the Cloquet city officials for their courageousness at their last meeting for not being bullied by extremists in our community.

It was a complete embarrassment a couple of weeks ago when a small group of extreme activists were able to bully our City Council into saying no to a community investment in our “Night to Unite” (Ah, the irony). In doing so, for a time, the Cloquet City Council was on the record accusing pipeliners of criminal activity, to say nothing about their slight of one of our best community partners, Enbridge Energy.

Enbridge is not only a job-creating business leader on safely moving critical energy supplies in our communities for over 70 years, but they are also on the forefront of the renewable energy transition. They are a HUGE taxpayer in Cloquet, a wonderful employer and have been the kind of job creator and business neighbor that Cloquet should be proud to partner with.

I’m so happy that this community embarrassment was corrected, and with such an overwhelming vote. It is long past time to come together and say no to the vile, divisive politics that lead to this mistake.

We need to put the past doings of the Cloquet City Council behind us and move on, together as a community and make Cloquet the vibrant town that it once was. We should all be able to say proudly, "I'm from Cloquet!"

Thank you to those leaders of our community who helped to make this right.