Washington Avenue is almost done and it is a waste of taxpayers’ money. Property owners no longer can park in front of their property. You now have two driving lanes and a turning lane, large sidewalks and boulevards on one side of the avenue.

Does the county expect the property owners to now mow this or are they going to come and do it? When turning on to the avenue, say at 14th or 22nd streets, you have to go partway into the turning lane. Granted, something needed to be done around the school, but what has been changed makes the situation worse.

Whoever designed this must now have any common sense. Did they look at any of the parking that residents, churches, etc. have been doing? You have two churches that have weddings, funerals and services and around the holidays there is an overflow of cars. Where are they to park now?

Zion has a meatball supper which is a big fundraiser for the church and cars have always parked on the avenue. Zion also has the free meal for the holidays, so where are all these people going to park or is the county going to shuttle people from a business parking lot?

I think the commissioners need to look at this and maybe get new employees who can look at the situation before doing anything like this again. Maybe they should have property owners around the area to be worked on help to design the project.

Another area is Highway 45, with a turning lane from Scanlon to Cloquet. There is no where to turn that you need that long of a lane. This is an easy fix — just repaint the lines.