I read your article in last week's Pine Journal that Essentia is planning to buy property to build a clinic in Cloquet ("Essentia plans Cloquet clinic," Aug. 8 Pine Journal). The first thing that comes to my mind is that Essentia is a nonprofit, and nonprofits do not have to pay property taxes.

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The property they want to purchase is prime real estate on the Highway 33 corridor/frontage. If Essentia is successful and builds this clinic, this property will be off the tax rolls forever. Who will pick up those taxes? It will be the businesses and property owners who live in the city of Cloquet.

Businesses will pass these extra costs onto their customers, who purchase their products and services. I am one of those customers as I purchase almost everything I need in Cloquet.

I have been going to the Raiter Clinic since it opened for business up on Skyline Boulevard in 1959, also the same for the Cloquet Memorial Hospital that was being built. My late husband, Robert, and many of the employees of the Northwest Paper Company at that time pledged many dollars to help the hospital in the beginning.

To quote Rick Breuer from last week's article: Essentia is a "closed system" and typically doesn't send patients to providers outside its network. How would that play out for our local clinic and hospital that provide jobs and property taxes for our community?

I would hope the residents of Cloquet would think about this and contact their City Council members.