On April 3, Gov. Walz demonstrated the integrity, empathy and willingness to tackle the problems facing Minnesotans that got him elected in the first place.

It's clear that Gov. Walz is listening to the people of Minnesota: their needs, concerns and aspirations. Our governor built his agenda around solving the problems Minnesotans face and making sure every Minnesotan, regardless of where they live, has the opportunity to succeed.

On April 3, we heard about people across the state who simply want what's best for their communities. They aren't interested in cynical partisan bickering and they don't want to hear excuses. They truly believe, as I do and as Gov. Walz does, that our state government should be a force for righting wrongs, fixing what's broken and ensuring prosperity spreads throughout our great state.

Your zip code should not determine your destiny. Gov. Walz believes in "One Minnesota," where all communities thrive and no individual is left behind.

Gov. Walz's investments in our classrooms, our health care and the infrastructure so vital to our communities lives up to the hopes and aspirations of Minnesotans everywhere. On April 3, Gov. Walz laid out a vision for our state that should make all Minnesotans proud.

Right now, we have the opportunity to do right by the people who put their faith and trust in us. We must set aside our differences, stop playing politics and move forward on Gov. Walz's agenda for the good of Minnesota.

Ken Martin

DFL chairman