As I read the headline "Wrenshall replying on open enrollment" (Pine Journal, March 28), many thoughts ran through my mind.

Why does it depend upon open enrollment? The answer, very simply put, is the population of the district.

There are many senior citizens who are retired and living on a fixed income in the community. I know some people who would say that just because they are retired doesn't mean they don't have a good income.

Granted, some people do have a good retirement plan, but others don't. For example, people who were working in the early 1950s didn't get retirement because their business didn't offer any.

Also, a lot of women back then didn't work outside the home. They were busy "keeping house" and raising the children. Therefore, no retirement! There are some of these women who are now widows and depending upon their husbands' Social Security for their income.

Now, these people are being asked to vote "yes" for a referendum that will pay for children who don't even live in the district. The property taxes are going to go up, and even with a property tax refund, some people will have a hard time with their finances.

Carol Anderson