Carlton School District will not even discuss consolidating with Wrenshall under the recommended two-site option. Carlton killed the consolidation.

If there are residents of the Wrenshall School District who have been apprehensive in the past about supporting a Wrenshall referendum to fix needed school facilities because they were waiting to see if Carlton and Wrenshall would consolidate, they can now rest assured that the Wrenshall School Board made a concerted, good-faith effort to consolidate with Carlton School District in a fair and equitable scenario.

I have been told by some self-described "Bleeding Blue" Carlton folks that things are just "fine" the way they are. That is great news.

What that means to me is that if things are fine the way they are, there will be no additional financial support requested of the taxpayers. No more operating levies. No more building referendums. No more non-voter-approved levies, where they take money from the taxpayers without their approval like they did on South Terrace Elementary. ($5.5 million)

From this point forward, I do not believe that the taxpayers of Carlton School District 93 should feel any further obligation to provide any additional tax dollars to support the status quo. In doing so, we become enablers who foster more poor decisions.

If the Carlton School Board is able to negotiate a consolidation with another district or dissolve, and the new leadership presents a taxpayer request to secure more funding that helps the kids and teachers in a well-conceived, responsible way, that will be an opportunity for the community to help out.

If alternatives are sought out, Carlton kids and teachers still have opportunities in close neighboring school districts, of which there are five to choose from, plus a tribal school and a private school.

Dave Chmielewski

Blackhoof Township