Wrenshall School District taxpayer alert: we are about to be asked to pass a $14.4 million referendum. We have many problems at the school that need to be fixed, and I'm all for that.

Here are some figures of the referendum that need to be answered:

Of the $14.4 million referendum, 31 percent are "soft" costs. Exactly, and I mean "exactly," what are "soft" costs. Some are architects (ARI, 8.5 percent) and construction manager (Kraus-Anderson Construction Co., 2.5 percent). So, of the referendum, ARI and Kraus-Anderson get $1,584,000 (11 percent). That leaves $2.88 million for other "soft" costs. That is a lot of money that doesn't pay for one window, one basketball hoop, any shop or sports stuff.

No one can or will explain these costs. These costs may be legit and above-board, but until they are explained, I can't support them.

Call your school board and find out what we are paying for. If we are asked to pay taxes for 20 years, tell us what it is for.

Tony Sheda