Some concerned taxpayers of Wrenshall School District are asking after two failed attempts to pass a multi-million-dollar referendum: Why?

1. Some think that those pushing the referendum are not honest with the voters.

2. An advisory committee was formed to represent the voters, but it seems like it has morphed into advising how to pass the referendum.

3. Are the advisory committee in secret, or are residents "allowed" to attend, as we pay the bills. In the past, I was told I couldn't attend.

4. Are all on the committee living in the Wrenshall School District? If so, why?

5. Has the impact on our property taxes by the utility tax/payback been explained to residents, or has that been downplayed?

6. Explain in detail costs involved with referendum, such as how could the heating system cost $7 million? Are there any alternatives? Ask OSHA to conduct air quality evaluation.

7. The gym is to be redone, so why are we building a new gym? If the pool is filled in, what happens to that huge space?

8. Have there been any studies on how to save money within the school?

9. Are Images (school district newsletter) is a community paper, the community should have some input, as we are paying for it. It is used partly as a postage-free way to push the referendum. Why can't those, such as Concerned Taxpayers of WSD, who have different points of view have input?

10. The school is owned by residents of WSD, period. So is our rec building, to be given to the building trades academy. Union reps have been at school meeting and talking about being in the academy. Why? Are people working on funding this academy? Why has been done? We taxpayers should be briefed on all that is going on.

Tony Sheda