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Letter: Questions about Wrenshall referendum


Questions about upcoming referendum. How can the heating system cost $7 million? We know we "need" to fix the school that has been neglected to the point of collapse, so do we "need" a new gym in addition to redoing the existing gym?

If we use the rec building for the shop, is that going to be a building grades "academy?" If it is, who is it to be run by? The unions? How much will it cost taxpayers?

Now we have the utilities tax settlements. Also with the settlement we have a "tax shift," which means we pay higher property taxes as the tax shifts to the taxpayer.

Does the board have any obligation to inform taxpayers about this utilities tax, as taxes will go up?

I would like to see a timeout. Let the school come up with a new plan to fix the school, stick to basics (no pie-in-the-sky) and answer to taxpayers.

Tony Sheda