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LETTER: Let's get back to basics

I'm writing in regard to the story "How far is too far?" that was published in the Pine Journal on Sept. 20.

I lived a mile from the bus stop when I started seventh grade, through high school, graduating in 1955. Things were a lot different than they are nowadays.

The school board agreed to pay my dad gas money to bring me to the bus stop and pick me up during winter months. In April and May, I walked home at night. The weather was nice then.

I want to say our children today face many challenges. It isn't safe for children to walk alone or even two together; things can happen. We are living in times that drugs, alcohol, pornography, sexual harassment and marijuana are destroying our young people. Not all of them; there are still many responsible young people out there who are working diligently for a better future.

Nowadays, our schools, workplaces and even our own neighborhoods aren't safe anymore. We need to get back to the basics, where this all started. Take God off the shelf and start caring and having more love for those around us.

We have so much to be thankful for. Let's not throw it away.

Lorene Borin