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LETTER: The future of the fair

We have just put our 2018 Carlton County Fair in our rearview mirror, yet now is the time to focus and plan ahead for 2019.

I had the privilege of working at the fair for 17 years — 15 of which I was superintendent of the home activities department (canning, baking, needlecraft, hobbycraft) and consider it a highlight of my life.

I loved it, with all the talented people in our county who exhibited, meeting exhibitors, seeing their exhibits on a one-to-one basis, then to witness them being judged, and awarded ribbons, was my honor.

Yet now, exhibits are way down. We can change that.

I invite you to exhibit in a division. It's fun and can be rewarding. Will you be one who attends and enters the 2019 fair? The fair needs you. We need the fair!

See you there? Thank you!

Elaine Osborne