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LETTER: Wrenshall 'rec building' unrelated to referendum

Wrenshall held its third community meeting Aug. 29 to inform the community about the new referendum to be voted on Nov. 6.

In addition to explaining the referendum, there was much discussion of a new proposal for a Building Trades Academy to operate out of the renovated "rec building."

It seems that, in adding discussion of this separate project to the referendum presentation, the impression may have been given that the two were somehow related.

We need to state clearly that the Building Trades Academy proposal has nothing to do with the referendum. The "rec building" is being refurbished only to create a better space for our industrial arts classes.

If the Building Trades Academy becomes a reality, it will be funded with outside money, grants and donations. None of the approximately $13 million referendum money will be used for a Building Trades Academy.

If you have questions, please contact a Wrenshall School Board member or Jack Eudy at 218-384-3184.

Jack Eudy

School facilities committee member

Unite Wrenshall co-chairman

Wrenshall School Board candidate