LETTER:Cable TV Commission not doing much


Does anyone know of a local government agency that does less than Cloquet's Cable TV Commission?

According to Cloquet's website, they meet "quarterly or on an as-needed basis" and this board addresses issues that affect the local cable TV. The last time they met — again, according to the website — was Jan. 12, 2017. My last cable bill saw an almost 20 percent increase, with no change in service.

Apparently, Mediacom is able to increase their rates without any discussions with the commission that we as taxpayers pay to look out for us. I have never heard of talk from the city about how much, if any, franchise fees are paid to Cloquet or if the city offers other cable companies the opportunity to come in and compete for our lucrative business.

So, if you have an issue with your cable bill, who ya gonna call?

Mickey Hunter