LETTER: County historical treasures need time for move


We were recently very alarmed to learn that the Carlton County Historical Society was given a 60-day notice to vacate their long-term home in the Shaw building in Cloquet.

Though we are "newer" Carlton County residents, we are familiar with historical preservation issues. It is very concerning that our county's historic documents and artifacts might be subjected to a required and immediate evacuation from their current location.

Carlton County historical records and artifacts are treasures. They cannot be "stored" (even short-term) in basements, garages or mini-storage units. Such conditions would most surely result in deterioration of some priceless items.

We, as members of the Carlton County community, would be gratified if the Shaw building could be renovated and maintained. However, to offer the Carlton County Historical Society such a short time (60 days) to vacate and relocate? This is not reasonable, acceptable or sensible in terms of historical preservation.

We are hopeful the Carlton County commissioners might reconsider the time allotted to the County Historical Society move. Additional time is needed to assure preservation of our county's historical treasures. They cannot be replaced. We have been entrusted with these treasures.

Angie and Bob Bomier