LETTER: Smith should debate Painter


Why won't Sen. Tina Smith debate Richard Painter? If she is confident in her policy positions, then she should have nothing to worry about.

That Senate seat is not hers; it belongs to the people of Minnesota. To earn that seat and actually get elected she needs to debate her opponents, not ignore them. We need a senator that has the courage to stand up to this corrupt administration, not one that also makes deals with Russian oligarchs — the PolyMet land-swap deal she orchestrated.

Minnesota has a history of courageous senators: McCarthy, Mondale, Wellstone and Franken, until he allegedly grabbed a couple of butts. They stood up for what they believed in and didn't simply go along with whatever their PACs or rich donors wanted.

So, I urge voters to demand that Tina Smith participates in DFL debates before the convention in mid-August.

Jim Mahrer