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Letter: Berg announces candidacy

My name is Trevor Berg and I am announcing my candidacy for mayor of Cloquet. I am running for this position because there has been a loss of trust in our city leaders.

Increasingly, the voice of the people of Cloquet has been stifled in place of personal agendas and closed door meetings. I want to be a mayor for the people. Cloquet cannot move in a direction of growth and prosperity by maintaining the status quo.

I was raised here and I have a deep love and connection to the community and the people in it. Cloquet is an amazing place to raise a family. We have great schools, beautiful parks, a first-rate police and fire department, and, what I consider the backbone of this city: its amazing community. The people of Cloquet are truly what make this city what it is.

We need to work together to allow the best ideas to come forward. I believe we need to expand our business and residential growth to broaden our tax base to allow for improvements to our city while lessening the burden on our community. In the past years, we have all been asked to give more and more, without seeing the kind of job growth and opportunities we continue to be promised.

We need transparency in our government. The people of Cloquet deserve to know what their leadership is doing and how they are making their decisions. I want the people of Cloquet to be proud of our city government.

We, as citizens, need to plot a course for a stronger city, that values all ideas and works to make all of the city prosperous. I vow to work hard in the attempt to bring the citizens of Cloquet together, and not leave people in the margins; to work to bring opportunities to this amazing city; to make sure doors are open to all of its citizens, all of the time.

Again, my name is Trevor Berg and I am asking you for your support to accomplish what we all want, to make Cloquet the best city in Minnesota.

Trevor Berg