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LETTER: Wrenshall School Board actions leave questions


I know I just wrote, but a lot has happened. Last night, May 21, the Wrenshall School Board met.

A little background: Last April, community residents voted down a $13 million referendum 657-250. The former superintendent (FS) was at the helm and worked on it a lot.

Now, things brought up at the meeting. The FS resigned in fall 2017, well into the school year, to take a new job.

A search for a new superintendent was done and Adam Nelson was hired. In February, shortly after she quit, the FS was making overtures to come back.

When the FS quit, she was given a severance package. (How much?) She was offered a higher salary to come back. (Why? Who offered it?) The Board offered her the new (old) job at the higher salary before they voted to hire her. (Legal? At what meeting?)

Some questions:

Why wasn't Mr. Nelson hired?

How much time and money was spent on two superintendent searches to end up where we started?

The Board hired a consulting company to fix the school. The cost: $18 million. Who was in charge as the school got so bad it will take at least $18 million to fix it? Will local contractors be used to fix the school or even get the chance?

Why was the new (old) superintendent given a higher salary? Who offered it?

Is distrust among residents (read: taxpayers) low, and if so, can we come together to fix our schools?

After all that has happened, we would like to know what was the reasoning behind all the Board's decisions. Now, more than ever, we need good people to run for School Board.

Disclaimer: My son is on the School Board and my daughter teaches at Wrenshall.

Tony Sheda