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LETTER: Wrenshall School costs climbing


Last April, the Wrenshall community voted 3-1 against a $13 million referendum. Because we were afraid our taxes would be too high, we were labeled then and now as the "opposition."

During the time leading up to the referendum, our superintendent spent a lot of time and money working on it. After it failed, summer came and went. A short while into the school year, the superintendent resigned and took a different job. Time and money was spent on a job search for a new superintendent. Keep in mind the former superintendent left the district well into the school year.

A new superintendent was hired who was well-liked. He started settling down here and said to be doing a good job.

Then we found out he wouldn't be hired and the old superintendent has applied for the job. Yes, the job she walked away from and now wants back. A new "search" was started, and lo and behold, some on the school board wanted to hire her (or is it "rehire?") back. She quit, but now wants to come back, but this time, there was opposition 3 to 3. So, a lot of pressure was put on those who voted "no."

In the meantime, the board hired a consulting firm and they said it would cost $18 million to fix our school.

The question has to be asked: Why has our school got to the point it will take millions and millions to fix it? Who was in charge? Ask.

If you don't want the status quo, call the school board and support those who voted "no," as they need the community support. If you're fine with the way it is, do nothing.

One thing is certain: If we don't fix our school, we will lose it. Can we do it? I hope so, but it will take an honest look at what we need, not what we want.

Tony Sheda