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LETTER: City needs animal control solution

Dear editor,

Friends of Animals has raised their contract rates with the city of Cloquet. With lots of money on the line, the City Council now needs to step up and come up with a solution ("Is Cloquet going to the dogs?" April 30 Pine Journal).

In a fairly small town like ours, we cannot have stray dogs and cats roaming the streets. The people of Cloquet do not want to have to worry about pets or little kids being attacked in their own yard by a stray dog or cat. With Friends of Animals ― the local dog shelter ― demanding a new contract with some rates for animal care almost doubled, Cloquet now needs the Council to come up with a plan to help our city.

The city needs animal control for times when people's pets run away. Our residents need the ability to call animal control to ensure the dog or cat can be kept safe at the shelter until the owners claim them. This keeps the pets safe from cars and others while also keeping people outside safe from the potentially aggressive pet.

The city council needs to sit down and figure out a plan of action. They need to sit down and discuss what steps to take next. They need to try and decide how to supply affordable animal control to our city ― whether this is through Friends of Animals or a separate business from another area.

The ability to control the stray animals in our city is very important. And we now need the city to come up with a plan of action.

Riley Leslie