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LETTER: Congress should prioritize national parks

Congress needs to stop ignoring the constant pleas from national parks asking for better roads, utility systems and buildings. I visit national parks every year with my family, and we make many memories from them. We learn about the park's history, people who made it happen and what makes it special. All of the hard work that goes into the parks are underappreciated. It is very saddening to hear these parks are not being maintained.

Clearly, there are many benefits of having a functioning and updated park, including more jobs, safer visits and better local economies. What I do not understand is why Congress has chosen to delay this problem despite all of these good benefits.

We should not take our national parks for granted and should experience them as much we can before they disappears. Congress shouldn't be hesitant to preserve our country's history, as they well know it is what makes our country today. With increasing amount of visitors every year, it is important to give the visitors the experience they deserve.

Small steps like introducing the National Park Restoration Act are being taken, but Congress needs to grant the park rangers more funds to do so.

Jessica Liang