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LETTER: Friends of Animals needs changes

I am a fundraising volunteer for Friends Of Animals, and I've personally heard stories of people working for animal control. Most of them aren't pretty, and I try to imagine myself waking up at two in the morning groggy with fuzzy vision being notified that another dog is on the loose terrorizing its urban neighborhood.

This job seems to be given to anyone who applies for it, and I think that a more professional approach would benefit not just the worker, but the city as well. The new prices for Friends of Animals is a concern for others, but I feel that they are reasonable.

I believe that law enforcement should fill in the animal control position. FOA declining to keep up with animal control could easily be viewed as negative, except that other organizations decline to do the same hard-labor job like Duluth and Superior already do. This is the right decision because there are owners who have dangerous dogs that the shelter would rather not impound because of complications with owners. With the mastiff problem, maybe the dog was owned, which could be the reason for FOA deciding not to take it in.

In addition to animal control, prices increasing per animal is only expected from FOA since they are bringing in 900 animals every year. Rising amounts of animals come with rising prices. These prices, I assume, go toward the animals and maintaining their new shelter. The first city contract that FOA has presented would be most beneficial. Having the city pay for the veterinarian bills would tremendously help the shelter money-wise.

Ultimately, the changes occurring within Friends of Animals may seem drastic and sudden. However, these changes are done with years of unneeded stress and thoughts for the future. We as a community can respect that.

Cassandra Johnson