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LETTER: Landowner against proposed Enbridge route

To the editor,

The Minnesota PUC (Public Utilities Commission), a group of five appointed people — all white and all non-residents of northern Minnesota — will be deciding for northern landowners, native tribes and all Minnesotans whether we are to have an environmentally dangerous foreign owned pipeline ( Line 3) going through our land, wilderness and waters.

They will be deciding whether there is more benefit in having a Canadian company profit from a pipeline that will steal our land, cut down our forests and likely pollute our remaining clean waters in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, or to reject that application by Enbridge, a for-profit Canadian company, and stand to protect our sustainable natural resources (wilderness, wild rice and water). A granting of the permit would continue a centuries long persecution of the indigenous population and culture. The decision is expected this summer.

I am a landowner and resident in Carlton County along Enbridge's proposed Line3 route. I do not give my permission. I do not wish to sell an easement that in essence is a forced sale of my land in perpetuity to a Canadian company that is willing to pollute my treasured wilderness for short term profit. I am proud to say that I stand with Friend of the Headwaters, and the native tribes, and they stand with me in opposition to this attack on their sovereignty and my rights as a landowner.

If the PUC approves this application, Enbridge will sue me over eminent domain. This is not rightfully an application of eminent domain, it is not a public utility. Minnesota is merely a channel for oil to pass through. I will fight this as long as I can.

David L. Johnson

Kalevala Township, Carlton County