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LETTER: Caucus publicity unfair for GOP

To the editor,

In the Jan. 25 Pine Journal, bottom of page 2, there was a small, 9-column-inch ad. this is required by law and we paid for it.

On top of page 3, there is a column by Dan Reed, Carlton County DFL chairman. The column is approximately 25 column inches, which if charged, would be over $400. It was free.

In this free column was all of the info about their caucus, but also included that Sen. Klobuchar, Smith, Rep. Nolan, HD11A Rep. Sundin were up for re-election (another freebie).

This is bad enough, but Mr. Reed and the Pine Journal included this paragraph: "The Republicans are all meeting at Esko High School in Room 132. Contact Party Chairman Justin Krych at 218 ...with questions."

False! Tony Sheda is the chairman. And, we meet at nine different locations. To date, no retraction; no apology.

The Pine Journal, in the next paper, published a caucus report about both parties. Score: GOP, one paid ad; one unpaid. DFL: two free ads.

How much will the misinformation put out hurt our caucus?

Tony Sheda

Chairman, Carlton County Republicans