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Letter: L'Homeland' documentary worth watching

To the editor,

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix, about a country that was forced to defend itself from another. It showed good people, children, adults, going through their daily lives while under the pending doom of war.

I recommend the film. It's called "Homeland," about a country actually defending itself against unjust psychotic aggressors, not one pretending to.

This was the first time I have really seen anything about real Iraqi citizens or the ruins of the war. I like many others have tuned it out in order to be able to carry on with my "normal" life.

The whole invasion of Iraq was pre-planned before 9-11, the same with Afghanistan. Soldiers and citizens die for no reason other than to secure power for people we never meet, only hear of. It's a con-game, a ruse, a trick and we have been played.

"They" wanted a reason to invade Iraq and Afghanistan (Syria, Libya, Iran) and they made certain they got it.

If you can, watch "Homeland," and see who we really are.

We are not the people we loudly proclaim to be before football games, that is for certain.

Mike Palecek