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LETTER: Phifer's qualities motivate voters

To the editor,

Now is the time for the Democratic Farmer Labor Party to endorse a new leader for the 8th Congressional District. Millennials and first-time voters respond strongly to issues like health care, education and the environment; they seek people who will fight for these concerns over the long term. While older voters may feel some assurance in backing the incumbent, we remember a razor-thin victory in the last cycle.

Ms. Leah Phifer offers positions and qualities that motivate all voters. Here are goals she will fight for: to improve health care and make it available to all; to reclaim American leadership in clean energy; to use natural resources for the benefit of all; to make education available and affordable at all levels; to strengthen Social Security and Medicare; to reinforce the nation's security apparatus; and to upgrade services for veterans.

I urge DFLers to caucus for Leah Phifer on Feb. 6.

John Sanford Dugan