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To the Editor: There is more than one consolidation option for Carlton

To the Editor:

The crux of the problem in the Carlton School District is the School Board's inability to listen to the citizens. The people have asked for consolidation for years. Why does the School Board think that the only candidate for consolidation is Wrenshall? As a lifelong resident of Carlton County, I wonder why not approach Cloquet or Esko as the two are also in close proximity to Carlton?

Consolidation efforts have stalled out with Wrenshall. Why? Because some of the ''old guard'' in both towns do not want to lose their identity as ''Bulldogs'' or ''Wrens." Sports are a bonus to students, but not an absolute necessity like some jocks figure. Get past the sports-identity thing and get people on the board who are willing to ''give and take'' and not have to hold onto the sports thing. Education is the reason for existing!

Carlton does not have the extras to keep people in the district right now, and a new school building does not bring new opportunities for students. A new building is a new building. It does not bring anything else! Cloquet and Esko have the opportunities: more sports programs not offered in Carlton, more science and math class, college classes, as well as clubs and other organizations. The open enrollment exodus will continue!

Carlton lacks the resources to hire and retain the better teachers, other programs, and more sports programs. Carlton has had financial difficulties for years. This is nothing new for this district.

I had over 33 years in the classroom, and Carlton's test scores are quite dismal to say the least. In all the core areas such as reading, math and science the students score below 50 percent. Would I send my children to Carlton for an education? Vote "No" to a new building and tell the board members to wake up and listen!

Jim Boyd

Twin Lakes Township