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To the Editor: We have skin in the game

To the Editor:

The taxpayers of Wrenshall School District are affected by what Carlton School District does and it is not a game. It affects the lives of all people in the area including the students, businesses and people on a fixed income.

A massive tax burden will create a firestorm of people fleeing the area which will create more problems for those who stay. Empty buildings where fine foods were served and any storefronts that still exist will fade away. Those huge homes will have signs on their driveways that will not say "Vote Yes" but instead "For Sale." We are all connected, but many people can only see their position at this time. When you take a position on an issue and support it, even though the facts do not support it, I suppose it is a game. You get the "deer in the headlights" look when an elder says to your face they will lose their home if it is passes. I saw this at the meeting at the Public House when a small group defended their position for a massive tax hike.

The facts are: the power company is planning to raise their rates; Carlton County is planning to raise their taxes, and the utility lawsuit will likely impact [county taxes] beyond our ability to pay. Another fact is the funds that the utilities have been giving the area will be reduced or held back. This will again fall on the backs of the taxpayers. Realistically there are many other costs that may change in healthcare and other areas.

The sky isn't falling, but there are some dark clouds coming our way. Planning a pretty party with taxpayers' money shows very poor judgment on the part of the Carlton School Board and those who support their insanity.

Dan Conley