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To the Editor:Carlton school district rocks, but kids deserve better facilities

To the Editor:

I have had enough of the negativity about the upcoming Carlton school referendum. We are Cloquet residents, yet we chose to open enroll our three children to Carlton. We wanted a place for our children to get a good education and be comfortable in their school environment. We felt that a small school would benefit our children not only with educational opportunities, but with tight friendships and great teachers. This school has provided our children with those things.

An added benefit for our children at Carlton is being able to participate in any sport of their choice, not being told "you're not good enough" or "you're too short to play." We also have a child with a disability for whom Carlton has done an outstanding job helping her cope and learn difficult studies. For this we are very grateful. Our child with a disability gets the one-on-one learning environment she needs. Carlton has provided much needed and undivided attention to many children with disabilities.

To have such negative comments about Carlton is very disheartening, because this community and school district have provided our three children with education, sportsmanship, and a sense of family and belonging.

Being Cloquet School District residents, we pay our share of taxes for their new school. Our taxes went up a great deal, but the Cloquet children deserve an improved school, as do Carlton's children.

If I were able to vote for Carlton's referendum, my vote would be "Yes." These kids deserve a better learning environment and not to hear people say that their school should be shut down. My children are proud to call Carlton their school. To those of you who don't have children in school, you may not know how it feels to be that parent of multiple children in multiple sports cheering your heart out for your team. That is what Carlton has provided our family with.

Bulldog pride!

Heather Olson