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To the Editor: We don't need new schools in Wrenshall

To the Editor:

The Wrenshall School Board and superintendent are working towards another referendum this year with a vote anticipated in the fall. Krech-Ojard is currently working on three options to be presented at the Aug. 21 school board meeting. I'm hoping for more reasonable options at a much lower cost than the $12.5 million referendum that failed April 18.

I visited my son in Los Angeles recently where he and his sisters grew up and I noticed that the public schools they would have attended in the 1980s (they attended alternate schools) all look the same and are all still being used as schools. The same is true for the public schools I attended in Winnipeg in the 1950s and '60s. The buildings all look the same and are still being used as schools. If these major metropolitan areas with a substantial and growing student population and large taxpayer base find older buildings acceptable, why are we, in outstate Minnesota, with our declining population and sparse taxpayer base, buying the sales pitch for brand new buildings?

If we build new, we will most certainly end up with beautiful but empty new school buildings when we dissolve or consolidate because our shrinking populations can no longer support a school. We will end up not only paying the debt on our own beautiful-but-now-empty school but also taking on our portion of the debt owed by the school(s) with which we consolidate.

Stop the madness! No more new buildings!

Cindy Bourn